Transylvania Bioarchaeology 

Welcome to the Transylvania Bioarchaeology website!

Transylvania Bioarchaeology is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to investigating the bioarchaeology of the Transylvania region in Romania. Created in 2012, this organization takes interest in uncovering evidence for human activity in Transylvania across a broad period from prehistoric times right through to the post-medieval and modern periods. We aim to provide a focus and forum for supporting, developing and promoting research, professional, educational and other public benefit outcomes from archaeology and bioarchaeology conducted in Transylvania.

This website contains details of the organization's projects and other activities.

Transylvania Bioarchaeology  has:
  • A program of research into the archaeology and bioarchaeology of Transylvania. You can find details of this program in the project pages of this website.
  • Capabilities to carry out bioarchaeological work. These are offered to everyone with an interest in the fields of archaeology, bioarchaeology, physical anthropology, paleopathology, skeletal biomechanics, human evolution, human osteology, ancient DNA and stable isotopes. Further details are available in the About Us section.
  • As part of its research programs, Transylvania Bioarchaeology offers volunteers and students the opportunity to try out a wide range of bioarchaeological techniques including excavation, field-walking, geophysics, finds analysis, earthwork surveying, documentary research, skeletal analysis, 3-D imaging and analysis, and so much more.

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